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Municipal Programming

What is Municipal Programming?


LTC's Municipal Channel 99 is Lowell's award-winning government access channel and features programs focusing on municipal agencies and their activities. The activities of city government have a profound impact on citizens of Lowell and one of our goals is to keep citizens informed about city hall. We also try and showcase various municipal agencies and services so that people know who to call when they have a particular need or problem.

The staff at Municipal Channel 99 consists of three individuals (2 full-time and 1 part-time) and last year we produced approximately 85% of the programming that aired on municipal channel 99. The other 15% of our programs were acquired from Federal government sources such as NASA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. We also acquire programs from the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The most popular programs on Municipal Channel 99 are the live broadcasts of the City Council meetings on Tuesday evenings and the School Committee meetings every other Wednesday evening. If you happen to miss the live cablecast of the meetings you can watch the re-broadcasts at different times throughout the week. Click here to see exact day and times.