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Donate To LTC

Help support Lowell’s only local television station and community media center!

A donation of any kind is a generous one, and deeply appreciated by our nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Your gift will help to build community in Lowell through technology.

$25 can sponsor a young person learning technology for the first time through an interactive youth field trip to LTC.

$50 will sponsor a class in media technology for people of all ages.

$75 gets citizens more engaged through new government programming.

$100 will sponsor a new episode of a locally produced show.

$250 will sponsor a showcase of student art in our LTC gallery.

Local media helps to inform, educate, and convene Lowell residents around issues and ideas of all kinds. We are a portal to the most cutting edge technology, and a friendly community gathering space that is open and affordable to everyone in Lowell.

LTC accepts credit card donations via PayPal, and can accept checks. Please mail to: LTC, 246 Market St., Lowell, MA 01852